Internet costs to rise – Just when I though the budget was set

I am following up on a notice that I received from my Internet provider explaining how I will be paying more for using my service. A supporter of explains the issue well in this video

As I continue to develop a funding proposal for a community media center, I am concerned that this type of action will mean that Internet access will again be too expensive for many. How is a community media center going cover the costs of Internet access for multiple stations and provide service to 150+ users per week – many of whom want to contact family abroad, watch videos, make and play music, as well as learn long distance?


About Debbie James

James is Associate Professor Media Studies at Governors State University. Her current project focuses on examining the cultural life of the Great Florida Reef. View all posts by Debbie James

2 responses to “Internet costs to rise – Just when I though the budget was set

  • sadafali10

    The higher cost of Internet service will also further the divide between the have’s and have not’s.

    • debbiejames

      Yes, I agree. In working with media centers in Toronto and the Caribbean, it is evident that these new costs will mean that limits will be imposed on people accessing media. As a media teacher, I am still working through how this will affect emerging digital cultures and producers. Thoughts?

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