Conference Presentations

* means paper is refereed.

*“Social Networking Sarajevo Roses: Digital Representations of Post-Conflict Civil Life in the (Former) Yugoslavia. ” Visual Communication Division. ICA Annual Conference. Boston, May 2011.

*“International Development Documentaries: Institutional Representations of Women, Work, and Community.” Feminist Scholarship Division. ICA Annual Conference. Boston, May 2011.

“Producing Media, Producing Citizenship: The Practice of Digitizing the Experience of Everyday Life in Jamaica.” Society of Cinema and Media Studies Annual Conference. New Orleans, March 2011.

“Developing Citizenship from the Margins: Digitizing the Experience of the Everyday as Political Action in Jamaica.” DIY Citizenship. U of Toronto, November 2010.

*Ali, S., James, D., and Vultee, F. “Strike a Pose: Comparing Associated Press and UNICEF Visual Representations.” AEJMC Annual Conference, Denver, August 2010. Presented by Sadaf Ali.

“The Biggest WATT in St. James Town: Marrying Co-op Radio with Co-op Housing.” Making Media Public Conference. York U and Ryerson U. May 2010. Co-presented with Vernon Smith.

“Quality Control or Digital Gatekeeping? Examining Access to UNESCO’s Audiovisual E-Platform for Independent Media Producers” at WSU Dept. of Comm. Research Colloquium. December 2009. Invited Presentation.

Presenter. “Transforming the Transfrontera: Issues of Race in the Digital Filmic Construction of Transnational Identity.” Midwest Popular Culture Conference. Detroit, Michigan. October 2009.

Presenter. “Space on the Ladies Special: Digitizing the Gendering of Public Space.” Michigan Academy of Arts, Science, & Letters Conference, Detroit, Michigan. March 2009.

Presenter. “Big-eyed, Wide-eyed, Sad-eyed Children: Western Consumption of Images of Distant Places.” Media, Communication and Humanity Conference. London School of Economics. London, England. September 2008.

Panelist, “Engaged Scholarship: Taking Activism and Social Justice Seriously in our Work.” Summer Doctoral Seminar, Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan. May 2008.

Presenter. “Sad-eyed Children: Images of Suffering in Distant Places.” Feminist Research Group (FRG) Conference, Inter-Actions: Feminisms Empower, Embody, Explore. University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario. May 2008.

Presenter. “The Politics of Global Warming: Media, Morality, and the Culture of Green in News Documentaries.” Society of Cinema and Media Studies. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. March 2008.

Presenter. “Peeling Back the Duct Tape: Documentary Filmmakers Respond to the Making of the ‘War on Terror’ Public Relations Campaign.” 3rd International Conference on Media Coverage of the ‘War on Terror.’ London, England. November 2007.


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