Ali, S., James, D., and Vultee, F. (2013). Strike a pose: Comparing Associated Press and UNICEF visual representations of the children of Darfur. African Conflict and Peacebuilding Review. 3:1.

*Smith, D. J. (2009), Big-eyed, wide-eyed, sad-eyed children: Constructing the humanitarian space in social justice documentaries. Studies in Documentary Film. 3:2. 159–175.

Book Chapters

James, D. (2012). What it takes to screen her film: A feminist study of UNESCO’s audiovisual E-Platform. In Gajjala, R. (Ed.). Where Have All the Cyberfeminists Gone? New York: Peter Lang.

Other Publications

*Smith, D. J. (2008), Film review: Shake hands with the devil. Scope: An Online Journal of Film & TV Studies.11.

*Smith, D. J. (2007), Catfight in My Name is Earl as a site of feminist resistance. Flow: A Critical Forum on Television and Media Culture. 5:9. Available at < >

Works in Progress

James, D. Sitting on two stools | ne možeš sjediti na dvije stolice: (trans. You cannot sit on two stools). Networked between home and the homeland. In review.

James, D. Social networking Sarajevo Roses: Digital representations of post-conflict civil life in the (former) Yugoslavia. Revise and resubmit.

* Writing as Debbie James Smith


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